Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekends and Water Retention

Had a really sucessful weekend. On the scale, it was fluctuating between about 10 -12 lbs lost this week. Feeling good, feeling like I got a good start. Had a big juicy steak friday night to end the Re-Start on a high note.

The night before I noticed that my feet were swelling up, much more than they normally do...So I called my local P.A. (Physicians Assistant) and Krista told me that if it's a Adema, then I should just take some iProfen and ice it. But if it's non-adema, then I'm retaining water, like a pregnant woman. She offered to Prescribe for me a water pill, and that's cool and all, but I don't want to jeopordize my football career by taking a steriod masking agent, and potentially face a 4 game suspension for this upcoming season. No thanks to the StarCaps. I'll just throw some extra lemons in my water.

Success!!! no more water retention!!!

Concert's were awesome this weekend. Tenth Avenue North and MercyMe. Great day, great music, and great weather.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to start a new Fad Diet, that's going to sweep the nation...that's the Snow-Cone Diet. Delicious and it's 98% ice. Look out america, look out Jared and Subway...Sno-cone's are here to stay.

Also, I ate at SmashBurger for dinner. I really recommend it, it's like the Chipotle for Burgers and you can eat healthy there easily. Just create your own burger. Had a 12 Grain Bun, Burger, Mushrooms, tomatoes and a side salad. Delicious.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back later this week for more!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Work & Cupcakes

I have to interrupt both your and my work days...

It doesn't help when you work with 30 differnent people, and when each of them have a birthday, someone brings in a treat.

It also doesn't help when you work with 30 different people, and they decide well, it's Friday June 12th, year of our Lord, 2009, let's bring in Gigantic Chocolate Cupcakes!!!!

You know what?

You can have your Cupcakes, because I have a Job to do, I need to follow through on the goals I set out for myself, because I just found out, Cupcakes are full of Fat and Calories, and as someone who is highly allergic to both of those things, it will only cause my swelling to increase. And I also have to get back to my Real Job.

That is all.

Beni Ha Na-Na-Na-Na!

Last Night was Jen's birthday dinner with her family, and she decided upon Benihanna in Maple Grove...whilst this is an amazing restaurant, it was sure to put a damper on my re-start...

So needless to say, I cheated a little, but made sure I had my fill of meat and seafood too. I was limited to a small bowl of rice, and some onion soup. But I should tell you, I decided to order a diet cola to drink, and I had me about 13 diet cola's. Once it hits your's so good.

But the problem there is, when you re-start, you're supposed to then continue to drink the normal 80 -100 ounces of water per day. So when you are not used to drinking that much, and you start up again.

You go to the bathroom way more than you want to. So last night, with all the water in my system, and now the diet coke's....I went to the bathroom, 4 times with in the hour. At one point I went within a 10 minute period, and the same guy was still in the bathroom cleaning. I think he thought I was a little bladder shy.

Today I will be filling back up with Protien, R.G.'s (Raw Greens) and Water, Water, Water. Gotta finish this re-start on a high note. Tonight should be full of Steak, Steak, Steak.

Future posts will include, but aren't limited to...Outdoor Music Concert, Grad Party, All-You-Can-Eat and Exercise. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It seems that when the seams begin to be bust on some of the pants you're wearing it could mean one of two things. 1. That the pants are getting old and it's time to get a new pair. Or, 2. It's your new pair you had to buy last year, because the old ones you had before were much to baggy to wear out in public, without exposing more of yourself than you intended, and the new one's are a (in a high pitched voice) little too tight!

This is the point of any diet that is called the RE-Start. The term "Diet Starts Monday" has never really worked for me. I'm more of a Wednesday kind of guy...the hump of the week, grab a little momentum heading into the weekend, which is usually any Diet's demise.

Well the Re-start consists of all the protien and raw green vegetables you can handle. Which I'm usually finished with after the first day, but it goes on for 2 more days. I think the real goal is, if you make it through the re-start, by the time you get to the regular diet food you just don't want to eat as much any more. The biggest challenge is going out to eat at a restaurant during any re-start, because the one thing I'm supposed to eat, protien and green vegetables...look repulsive next to BREAD.

So here it is, the first post, the first day, and the real goal in all of this is to get slim and trim before the wedding and honeymoon on February 20th, 2010. That gives me a little more than 8 months to try to lose 100 pounds or so. So please check back, as I will be sharing the good days and the bad, and this is one of the best ways to stay accountable, is to have all eyes on me, supporting me, and cheering me on and most of all Laughing At Me.